• Seeing the Agendas

    We live in a world of agendas.  We all have our own.  Our families, our jobs, ourselves.  It is what is important to us.  It is what drives us.  Our personal agendas are driven by how we perceive the world and how we would like it to be.  It was discovered some time back that there is much power in our agendas.  If the agendas of enough people can be pushed in one direction or another, the world can be changed.  This gave rise to a clandestine war for our agendas.  Battle lines were drawn.  The first step was to divide us into groups.  Black, white, left, right, assailant and victim.  We have all been categorized and pitted against one another.  The next step was to shape our agendas by shaping our opinions.  Almost everything presented to us by the “news” media and pop culture is intended to shape our opinions and thus drive our agendas in the desired direction.  Sometimes it is subtle, other times, not so much.  The power of this technique has not been lost on politicians in Washington D.C.  They have become the masters of telling us what we want to hear in order to get our vote.  When campaign promises go unfulfilled, fingers are always pointed to the other side of the aisle, whether warranted or not.  This kind of manipulation can be rather obvious to those who know to look for it.  Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t really seem to matter.  Both sides do it.  They are just opposing factions in the war for your agenda.

    In order to facilitate all of this, tight control must be imposed.  We must be convinced that it is what we want.  It is what is right and what is good for us.  The world is a rough place, but the government will protect and provide for us.  The government will keep the bad guys at bay and uplift the downtrodden.  All we have to do is surrender a few of our rights and be subservient, for the greater good…for the collective.  In order to achieve all of this, a large all-powerful government will be needed.  Such a bureaucracy will be very expensive.  We will have to give up a large portion of the fruits of our labor as well.  And for those that raise objections, they will be brow beaten into submission.  If you disagree with how school lunches should be funded, then you want school kids to starve.  If you believe that a marriage should be between one man and one woman, then you must hate gays.  If you disagree with anything proposed by a President who happens to be black, then by golly, you must be a racist.  At all costs, we must avoid being placed into an unfavorable category, or be stamped with a bad label.  This is where we shift our focus rather than on what is right and what is true.  The irony is, when it gets to this point, truth has little to do with it.  It is all intended to incite the ill informed masses and then to fan the flames.  In the end, we all burn.